Japanese 4x4 minis
LHD Conversion Re-Building & Fully Customizing

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so you can see all my old work.

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LHD & Jumbo Cabin with Nice Interior make our Job Superior in our Service.

Head Office:

Tokyo Edogawa Ku Nishi Koiwa 4-6-5-204 Japan 133-0057


Branch Office:

272-0127:Chiba Prefecture Ichikawa City, Shiohama 4-6 Building 4- #5251

Tel:+8147-316-2131 Fax:+8147-316-2132

Contact: WhatsApp     +8180-6251-7878

Skype: Hiro.Sheikh58

yamato78@helen.ocn.ne.jp / nisarhiro@yahoo.com


Philippines:         Hero 4x4 Export Corp    (coming soon)


Subic Bay Free Port Zone.