Japanese 4x4 minis
LHD Conversion Re-Building & Fully Customizing

please check my other website: www.mini4x4trucks.com & www.hiro4x4minis.com (coming soon)

so you can see all my old work.

Kindly Remember I am more Professional now then Before


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About us

ABOUT Japanese 4x4 MINIS

At Hero 4x4 Minis, we specialize in converting and customizing any vehicles on buyer demand. We take pride in our passion for automotive design and our commitment to providing the best service possible. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to creating unique and exceptional vehicles for our clients. Started in 2005 & shipped over 100 containers to the USA & CANADA.

Please Note that your Order will take quite long time, maybe 1 or 2 months as have to buy in Japan then ship to Philippines Subic Bay Free Port Zone and start work on Conversion to LHD & Customizing according to your Demand just for while then we are faster work team like before as I have to set up all kind of works & Parts.

Special offer

I am offering you my Best Quality work on Mini trucks or any other Vehicles. Which no other can do, I am sure as been in this work since 2005 and well known work difficulties, but I have learned lot and using Original Parts from Daihatsu or Suzuki from Japan and using Top Skilled Body work & Painter as well as my personal handling all work till loading & shipping Containers. Just try once, and I am sure that Your Business will go more & More Better in your Market.