Japanese 4x4 minis
LHD Conversion Re-Building & Fully Customizing

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so you can see all my old work.

Kindly Remember I am more Professional now then Before


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My Old Work on Minis

At Hero 4x4, we take great care in all of our work on RHD units. but when it comes to LHD conversions, we utilize our technical team and monitor all work very carefully, even testing the unit before it is loaded into a container for shipping to the buyer. Our goal is to ensure that buyers will be happy and appreciate our work, which is almost the same as a factory-built unit. Trust is a necessity when working with us.

You Can Pay less Insurance on LHD Vehicles as well. As all vehicles 1999 & 2000 Models can be registered, For Canada 2007/2008/2009 models can register too. In USA were EPA Rule not apply.

TRYING BEST TO KEEP PRICE LOW AS MUCH AS I CAN.          Convert LHD and to Jumbo Cabin.

This will give chance to many customers cannot buy new Models due to High Cost,

My Idea is to Control the High Price to Low as much as I can, So Many Buyer can buy LHD units & Extended Cabin as we can make any mini truck to Jumbo Cabin with high class Job, just try once & you will be happy to deal with my company again & again.

Thanks to My buyers for supporting & appreciate me before & will do more now too,

Converted LHD

My 3rd project, My

this is 2008/2009/2010 model which I will fully convert to 2022/2024 Model like you see in win Red color in LHD Converted. Will Change New Tire & Alloy wheels too (Rate Apply)

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At Hero 4x4 Export Corp, we specialize in converting and customizing any vehicles on buyer demand. We take pride in our passion for automotive design and our commitment to providing the best service possible. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to creating unique and exceptional vehicles for our clients. Started in 2005 & shipped over 200 containers to the USA & CANADA.


Please note that your Order will take a bit long time, maybe 1 to 2 months as have to buy in Japan then ship to Philippines Subic Bay Free Port Zone and start work on Conversion to LHD & Customizing according to your Demand just for while then we are faster work team like before as I have to set up all kind of works & Parts.


Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

essay Car insurance

This is 2022/23/24 Models, and we can Change to JUMBO CABIN. See the Next Picture in win Red & Black Suzuki Super Carry In LHD.

LHD are More essay to get Insurance in your Country.

It is 2023 Model original truck in white color(Left Side) but we Can Re-Build by Original Parts... with High Quality Work. As you see in Win Red & Black Suzuki.

18 Years of


Modify from Normal Truck

to Supper JUMBO, We can do same work for Daihatsu.

So Daihatsu will be Supper JUMBO as well.

I will Try on Mitsubishi and Honda too in Near Future.